Omron HJ-113 Reviews

The following is a very informative Amazon 5-star Review by L. Burger.  The reviewer owned the more popular HJ-112 before he ran it through the washing machine. (No, Omron pedometers will not survive a washing!)  He replaced it with the HJ-113 and here is his review.

Great Alternative to the HJ-112, September 10, 2009

I’ve been a real advocate of the Omrom HJ-112 for years. Absolutely loved my old HJ-112… Unfortunately I got careless and accidently left it clipped to my pants and ran them through the washing machine… So I decided to get a new pedometer. I was intrigued by this new model and decided to give it a try. I really like it. It has some improvements over the HJ-112 and it’s less expensive to boot! Briefly here are the differences: 1) It’s smaller in circumference, but slightly thicker. 2) It has a different paint job. 3) There’s one less button, the reset function has been removed, which I rarely used on my old pedometer. 4) The real improvement is that while the HJ-112 stored your KCal burned, total steps, aerobic steps, and total miles for 7 days it did not save your aerobic minutes. They were only visible for the current day. The HJ-113 stores aerobic minutes as well as all the others for 7 days. This was a great improvement for me. I like to log my aerobic distance as well as time. It helps me to calculate walking speed, a component of my program I’m trying to improve. 5) They’ve also included a fat gram burned on the KCal display. Frankly it’s just the KCal divided by 9. It doesn’t add anything for me, but it might help motivate someone else.

So overall I think this model is fantastic; it offers all the benefits of the HJ-112 (I find it’s every bit as accurate, etc) and it has a few added benefits of its own. Namely: it’s slightly smaller, it stores your aerobic times as well as distance for 7 days, it calculates fat grams burned, and it’s cheaper! FYI: mine came with battery, so that’s not how they’re trying to save $. I got mine via Amazon/J&R and even with the nominal amount of shipping ($2) it was still less expensive than the HJ-112. I heartily recommend it, it’s a great motivational tool. Also contrary to info in other reviews this is not a European model; all the distances are in miles, weight input is in lbs, stride is in inches, etc.

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So for about a $20 bill – plus shipping, you can buy the Omron HJ-113 on Amazon and upgrade your walking program.

Get on with it!