Omron HJ-113 Product Description

The HJ-113 is one of the Omron’s GOsmart™ Dual-Axis Pocket Pedometers.  This feature is the perfect way to track your exercise program – effortlessly, accurately and over time. The 2D Smart Sensor Technology in the Dual-Axis Pocket Pedometers enables the pocket pedometer to be placed horizontally or vertically while precisely counting steps. The Omron HJ-113 can be worn at the hip, placed in a pocket or purse or clipped to a bag for additional convenience.

The Omron HJ-113 has a wide LCD display with a clock.  It measures steps, aerobic steps and minutes, calories, and distance.  Moreover, it also measures fat and calorie burned.  Its memory stores and saves a full week of exercise so you can review previous day’s history.  And, it automatically resets the exercise history at midnight so you can start every day with a clear day memory.

What’s in the box? Pedometer, battery CR2032, screwdriver, strap, clip for strap, holder, and instructional manual.

The features and benefits of the Omron HJ-113 are:

  • Dual-axis acceleration sensor counts steps when placed horizontally or vertically
  • Counts every step quietly and accurately
  • Measures steps, aerobic steps, time, and distance
  • Calculates calories burned
  • Stores 7 days of information in memory
  • Resets automatically at midnight so it’s ready to go every morning
  • Includes: clock, lithium battery, holder, strap and clip
  • 1 year limited warranty