Difference between Omron HJ-113 and HJ-112

The difference between the Omron HJ-112 and the Omron HJ-113 is a major discussion on the Net.  Some people say that the Omron HJ-113 is a metric pedometer, but that is not what the instruction manual on the Omron website shows.

Another discussion on the Net says the HJ-113 is thicker and heavier.

Let’s bust the myths and find the truth about the difference between the Omron HJ-112 and the Omron HJ-113.

The best sources for a comparison are found in the instruction manuals for the two pedometers on the Omron website.  These are available in PDF format so we can download them and study them in detail.  The manual for the Omron HJ-112 is single page in the display, but for some reason, Omron displays the manual for the HJ-113 as two pages side by side which makes the print fuzzy when you zoom in so you can read it.

The first thing you notice from the picture in the manuals is the HJ-112 has four buttons and the HJ-113 has three buttons.  The HJ-113 is missing the “Reset Button”.  Also, on the HJ-112 the label on the  “Memory” button is spelled in full.  On the HJ-113 the button is abbreviated as “Memo”.  The memory function is the same on both units.

Omron HJ-112

Omron HJ-113

See the Spec Sheet for Omron HJ-113 and Omron HJ-112  to discover more differences between the two units.