Comparison between the New Omron HJ-112 and the Omron HJ-113

Omron has recently released its new version of the HJ-112. The New Omron HJ-112 has a new slimmer design and contains three buttons which resembles the Omron HJ-113.

Here are the new Omron HJ-112 and HJ-113. The new Omron HJ-112 is on the left side while the Omron HJ-113 which has a strap is on the right side.

It may seem that the major and obvious difference between the two pedometers is their color. The new Omron HJ-112 has a lighter shade while Omron HJ-113 has a darker shade.

However, there are actually a few other differences.

  • Before the new Omron HJ-112 was released, there used to be a difference in the number of buttons – Omron HJ-112 had four buttons while Omron HJ-113 has three. Now, with the new version of the Omron HJ-112, the difference in buttons no longer exists. Omron deleted the reset button which was found in Omron HJ-112.
  • The HJ-113 calculates the amount of fat burned and the HJ-112 does not.
  • The HJ-113 has an operating humidity specification and a “Storage Temperature/Humidity/Air Pressure” and the HJ-112 does not.
  • The dimensions of the two units are different.  The HJ-112 is more oval shaped than the HJ-113.  Both units are the same thickness.
  • The HJ-113 is 0.11 ounces lighter than the HJ-112 with battery included.

Here are the Spec Sheet for the Omron HJ-112 and the Omron HJ-113

This table sums up the differences between the new Omron HJ-112 and the Omron HJ-113.

Difference Comparison HJ-112 HJ-113
External Dimensions (Approx.) 2 7/8” x 2 1/8” x 5/8” 1 7/8” x 2 5/8” x 5/8”
Weight (battery included) 1.24 oz. 1.13 oz.
Buttons 3 3
Omron List Price $34.99 $34.99
Amazon Price (4-23-10) $24.08 $20.25

The Omron HJ-113 is overshadowed by the more popular HJ-112 (now, with the new slim design), but actually, the Omron HJ-113 does basically the same thing as the HJ-112 and costs less.

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